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Apple announces new energy storage system to augment its California renewable energy project

Apple has announced plans to build an energy storage project in California to enhance renewable energy reliability. This project will be one of the largest battery storages in the United States, with a capacity of about 200 MWh of energy. The project, named California Flats, will power store excess energy produced by solar during the day.

The giant battery will be directly linked to the tech giant’s California solar farm, which produces about 130-megawatts of energy. The California sun is so hot during the day, but come night time the solar farm generates very little energy. The California Flats will come around these intermittent shortages by storing the energy to be used at night. Power stored in this battery system could power up to seven thousand homes per day.

“We are firmly committed to helping our suppliers become carbon neutral by 2030 and are thrilled that companies who have joined us span industries and countries around the world, including Germany, China, the US, India, and France,” said Lisa Jackson, vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives at Apple. Apple has been at the forefront of curbing climate change by reducing its carbon footprint.

“In a year like no other, Apple continued to work with a global network of colleagues, companies, and advocates to help make our environmental efforts and everything we do a force for good in people’s lives and to work alongside the communities most impacted by climate change,” added Jackson.

While solar and wind farms are cheap ways to produce green energy, the sun is not always shining, and the wind isn’t blowing all the time. This unreliability is a major downside of the two options that causes unprecedented power shortages that have cost economies and corporations. Investing in battery storage provides backup during these intermittent shortages.

Apple is dedicating a significant amount of money to the research into new technologies and the development of California’s utility storage. The firm has also expanded storage capabilities in Santa Clara Valley and the Apple Park microgrid.

The company has made all its operations clean by partnering with renewable energy producers across the globe. The initiative has reduced Apple’s greenhouse emission by 40%, a positive trend towards its zero-carbon target by the end of this decade. Currently, Apple has done away with 15 million metric tons of emissions through low carbon materials, using clean energy efficiently.

Since Apple declared its intent of cleaning up its energy across its operations, manufacturing supply chain, and product lifecycle, it has established strong collaborations with renewable energy suppliers. By 2030, the firm wants its products to be 100% clean, meaning every device sold will have no negative impact on the environment.

Space Technology

Fleets of radar satellites monitoring movements on earth better

Having the ability to watch all the happenings of the planet via space is no secret a blessing. East Africa is popularly known as the cradle of humanity, but even this geologically active region has some volcanoes rising. For years, few of them were under close monitoring for warnings of a potential eruption. Still, experts were confident that they were dormant until Juliet Biggs took a closer look at the situation.

Juliet Biggs is a popular geophysicist from the University of Bristol who uses the Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar technique to detect Earth surface movements. Together with her team, she took a series of studies to analyze East African volcanoes from satellite data. Her report indicates that fourteen of these volcanoes have been shrinking or growing for the last five years. This fact proves that there is either magma or water flowing to the underground, and the volcanoes are not entirely dormant.

Biggs stated that the data has changed how experts view these volcanoes from something sleeping to something active. One of the Corbetti volcano volcanoes in Ethiopia, where the country has placed this volcano in its geological hazard monitoring network. The InSAR technique is the only tech that can notice such minor movements, and Juliet talked of how people are ignorant and claim the ground is a solid platform, but it is not steady.

With this technology, scientists can look out for any movements on the earth’s surface. Paul Rosen, an InSAR NASA pioneer, talked of his experience, claiming that something new will pop-up every time you look on earth. The earth’s monitoring from space is currently outstanding, with many commercial satellites from different countries recording data. Besides, there are more satellites set to launch this year.

InSAR is a powerful technology that is spreading all over the world. InSAR data helps experts monitor the small things happening on earth from space, and many believe this tech will underpin our lives. This technology depends on SAR, which originated as a tool for the military. Its vital mission was to capture data of the planet and could penetrate the cloud. Also, it works perfectly during the day and night. Later, the InSAR was born with the ability to detect any motion on the earth’s surface, and its history dates back over thirty years ago.

Different research teams and experts took in the technology to keep track of the happenings of the planet. In 2019, this technology came in handy during the Bahamas flooding damage. From the current space calendar, it is clear that many countries are working towards the same goal, to launch more satellites into the earth’s orbit. Most of the aim behind the launches is for close monitoring of the planet.

Energy Technology

Karma automotive Launches GS-6 series of electric vehicles in New Luxury sector

Electric vehicles’ popularity has been rising thanks to the high demand in the industry; hence Karma Automotive has set up a new evolution of luxurious electric cars with the development of the GS-6 Series. This carmaker is California-based and is famous for designing and developing luxurious electric cars. In the recent announcement, the company highlighted details about the GS-6 series. The first model to come to the market is the GS-6. This model will hold a unique and elegant exotic design that is similar to the award-winning Revero GT.

Karma Automotive claims that the car will be available at a pocket-friendly price and is the best option for drivers who hope to achieve the environmental benefits of electric vehicles. Besides, there will be no need to sacrifice design or performance. The CEO of Karma, Ph.D. holder Dr. Lance Zhou spoke about the launch and what people should expect in the new series. He talked about Karma’s primary goal, which is to deliver high-end luxurious cars. Other than that, it involves innovative technologies and also a source of inspiration to drivers with unique and fresh offerings.

He spoke about Karma’s idea of changing the world of mobility to make luxurious electric vehicles more accessible. This product combines a great design, inspiring driving offers, and great technology, and the retail price starts at $83,900. The GS6 will become one of the most competitive vehicles in the new luxury sedan segment. It is currently available in three variants, including standard, luxury, and sport. Also, the company aims to invest in a pure battery electric vehicle. This brand is Karma’s first pure battery-electric vehicle which will be available at $79,000.

All the models in the GS-6 have one thing in common. The vehicles feature unique craftsmanship, and the design of Karma Automotive is popular, but they still include a high-tech customization that makes every brand deliver a personal touch. The GS-6 Series includes convenience and safety features, including ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistance System, Adaptive Cruise Control , hands-off warning, steering wheel response, and the Lane keep support. It includes comfortable features, including power side-view mirrors, airbags, Bluetooth, cameras, control audio, and other things.

This new series will include Karma’s exclusive 8-year warranty and class-leading powertrain. The assembling took place in Karma’s innovation Customization Center in California and includes world-class engineering, customization, design, and manufacturing services. Other than that, it includes electrification platforms. The team includes a 400 kW 2-motor system that combines drivability, efficiency, and outstanding performance. Generally, the GS-6 has a setup that blends 550 lb-ft torque and 536 horsepower.

Other than fantastic technology, this car includes a unique and elegant design. Not to mention, it incorporates all security measures. Invest in one of these fantastic cars for an elegant look and exemplary performance.

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China is preparing to cut electric vehicle incentives this year


China is planning to minimize the subsidies on new electric vehicles by 20% this year. The Ministry of Finance of China revealed this strategy to prepare electric vehicle developers and consumers for such measures. To be specific, the subsidies imposed on new vehicles in the transportation industry like new buses, passenger vehicles, taxis, delivery vehicles, trucks, crossovers, public utility vehicles, and government-owned cars will reduce by 10% to spearhead the transition to electric vehicles. Moreover, the Ministry explained that the car developers would have to adhere to the existing technical prospects like battery energy density, mileage range, and energy uptake through this year. For example, the lowest standard battery-electric vehicle will be expected to have a mileage range of 300 kilometers to enjoy the $2500 to $3000 subsidy. On the other hand, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with a mileage range of 50 kilometers will receive a $1250 subsidy. 

Moreover, the government will harden its stance on the adherence to safety measures for the new energy vehicles. For instance, the subsidies will be lifted or rendered null and void if the manufacturer is found culpable in leading to accidents due to insufficient safety measures or not adjusting their product after finding them to be problematic. Additionally, the government stated that stringent standards would be implemented to suppress investment and unauthenticated development of new energy vehicles to minimize the pressure on the existing roads and other resources. Other strategies include overseeing the quantity manufactured, establishing entry regulations for vehicle models and car manufacturers entering the market. Furthermore, the manufacturers who are expanding their operations, merging with other companies, and restructuring their operations will inform the appropriate agencies to facilitate city planning. 

China has witnessed the production and purchase of new energy vehicles plummeting over the last two years after Beijing sequestering the subsidies and a sluggish economic growth rate. The coronavirus pandemic, which began last year, also impeded the growth of the NEV sector. The government revealed that it would extend the subsidies on the new energy vehicles for the next two years to accelerate the recovery of the NEV adoption process after the pandemic weighing in on this sector. Initially, the subsidy reduction plan was to kick off last year but is switching to this year and will be reducing by the addition of 10% to the existing rate through time. Last year, the government intervened to accelerate the uptake of the vehicles. These efforts are visible in the 3.9% rise in sales of these NEVs per the report submitted by China’s automotive manufacturer’s association.