Modern Coronavirus vaccine likely to be approved in US on Friday, decision to be taken in EU on December 21

His vaccine has been highly protective, according to data released Tuesday by US drug company Mordana. It is expected to be approved for emergency use in the United States this week. People connected with the Food and Drug Administration said the vaccine could be approved on Friday. America is the country most affected by the Corona.

Millions of Americans will receive one more vaccine by Monday. Just last week, the Pfizer vaccine was approved in the United States. Whose vaccination has also begun. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the effectiveness of the modern vaccine was 94.1% after a trial of 30,000 people. Patients complained of fever, headache and fatigue after taking the vaccine, but it is not dangerous.

Meeting on the 21st for the 27 countries of the European Union
The European Union’s medicine agency said on Tuesday it would hold a meeting on December 21 to approve the Pfizer-Bioentech corona vaccine for the 27-nation bloc. The agency said the decision was made after receiving additional data from a vaccine company.

Currently, Germany’s health minister has demanded that the agency decide on the issue before a December 29 meeting, so that the vaccine approval process can be completed quickly. The vaccine has been given to thousands of people in Britain, Canada and the United States.

The number of patients is around seven and a half crore

The number of corona patients in the world has crossed 7.34 crore. More than 51.5 million people have recovered. More than 16 lakh 33 thousand people have lost their lives so far. These figures are according to Vaccination has started in many countries of the world. Meanwhile, vaccine companies are facing the threat of cyber attacks. The modern vaccine company has fallen victim to this. The company itself has confirmed this.

Christmas in the Netherlands will be fickle this time. Here the government has announced a five-week strict lockdown.

Cyber ​​attack on Moderna

Modern’s vaccine company admitted on Monday that some of its key documents had been stolen in a cyber attack. The special thing is that the company did not know about it. The company was first notified by the European Medicine Agency (EMA). According to a report in The Guardian, the documents date back to the time when the company was sending documents to governments for approval. Documents were stolen during this.

It is also important for the EMA to provide information, as it is the regulatory agency that approves vaccines in European countries. It was only several months ago that he feared that some companies’ vaccine data could be accessed. It is said that there were several failed cyber-attacks on Pfizer and Bioentech.

Christmas will be pale in the Netherlands

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte has announced a five-week strict lockdown in the country. Root has made it clear that there is currently no more effective way to prevent corona virus. He said- we are going to impose a strict lockdown. Schools, shops, museums and gyms will be closed during this period. No relief is expected before January 19. We want to prevent the situation from becoming catastrophic in the future and we must take strict measures for this.

At the same time, as Mark was announcing the lockdown, thousands of demonstrators outside his office were chanting slogans and protesting. The government said a maximum of two guests could visit any home and that local authorities would have to be notified. However, it is believed that the government may offer some relief between December 24 and 26.

The situation is worse in California

The situation is exacerbated by the transition to California in the United States. No beds will be available for the recruitment of people in the ICU of a state hospital by the end of this week, a report said. Some hospitals are overcrowded. According to a report in The Guardian, only 1.5 percent of California beds are currently vacant.