For the City of Orlando, NovaCHARGE has built 100 electric car charging stations

Within the last year, NovaCHARGE, a globally recognized technology developer and turnkey solutions integrator of electric vehicle (EV) hardware as well as cloud applications, collaborated with the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) and the city of Orlando to install 100 networked EV charging facilities in Orlando.

Last summer, the city, as well as OUC, drafted a proposal to add 100 electric vehicle charging stations to 33 community sites around the city’s six council districts to facilitate the shift to a clean-energy economy further. The city chose NovaCHARGE to oversee the preparation, technological design, and implementation of a stable and highly flexible next-generation EV charging network, based on its expertise in deploying solutions for communities and global brands like Tesla, Hilton, and Whole Foods.

NovaCHARGE, as the main contractor, collaborated extensively with OUC engineers as well as city regulators to complete the project ahead of time for the city’s urgent requirements and potential growth despite the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. NovaCHARGE was in charge of all the network configuration, power management system, startup, and other tasks that necessitated sophisticated technical design as well as large-scale project management. NovaCHARGE linked and installed a diverse portfolio of Electric Vehicle charging hardware for this deployment over a virtual cloud for ease of control and management.

NovaCHARGE’s president, Helda Rodriguez, stated, “Our goal is to provide cost-effective deployments in difficult commercial environments across North America.” “However, after designing hundreds of big, large-scale, run installations, we relished the opportunity to work on a local initiative to help our firm’s hometown shift toward a more prosperous future.” NovaCHARGE went on to join the city as well as OUC to unveil the latest Orlando EV charging network at a press conference at Orlando’s John H. Jackson Neighborhood Center on 1st April, 2021, after over a year of construction, preparation, and collaboration.

NovaCHARGE, LLC, which is a national technology producer as well as a turnkey systems integrator of the electric vehicle hardware and the cloud applications, was established in 2008. In both its next-generation NC8000 Hardware lines and ChargeUP Network and NC7000, NovaCHARGE delivers creativity and transparent standards. NovaCHARGE has designed efficient deployments for thousands of companies around the United States as a major supplier of EV networked as well as non-networked charging solutions. NovaCHARGE is an Accredited Minority/Woman-Owned Business with headquarters in Central Florida.

NovaCHARGE provides turnkey, price-effective, high-quality EV charging installations that guarantee long-term customer loyalty. We’re committed to supplying EV owners with healthy and dependable charging, as well as charging facility owners with profitable and viable business models.