Kellogg ramps up its efforts to attain a 100 percent target in renewable energy

Kellogg firm has decided to transition its renewable electricity to 100 percent across all its production regions worldwide. The giant in breakfast cereal has contracted a long-term wind power virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with Enel Green Power in North America. The deal would be able to help the production of 360-gigawatt hours of wind electricity in a year. The figure is the same as 50 percent of energy capacity used across Kellogg’s North America production facilities. The model is also the same amount of electricity used to generate power for over 43,000 homesteads annually.

Since Enel has the back of Kellogg’s VVPA, it would be able to commence its construction f a wind company in north-central Texas that would generate120 MW of battery energy. Enel’s power would make it become the world’s most extensive storage amenities in the world. The regions would receive extra energy resources from the Azure Sky wind factory, and the exercises anticipated to commence next year.

The estimated portion of renewable electricity produced by Kellogg is approximately 250,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. The figure is the same as the carbon reduction of about 55,000 passenger vehicles off the road in a year. The strategy is part of Better Day’s commitment to helping the firm reduce Scope 1 and 2 gas emissions from greenhouse at a rate of 65 percent to 100 percent before 2050. By the time 20050 is here, renewable energy must have a full embrace across all sectors in the world. Kellogg uses GHG Protocol to estimate greenhouse gases produced and to measure renewable electricity used.

Amy Senter, chief sustainability officer, stated that Kellogg has put in more efforts to reduce carbon dioxide gas production across their esteemed series. It has achieved this in the last ten years. The recent VPPA further illustrates to investors, shareholders, and heir esteemed consumers that actions are in place to handle crisis purging the climate.

Kellogg has quite a lot of renewable energy projects ready to kick-start around the world. They include;

  • It has amenities across Western Europe whereby Kellogg has acquired 10 percent renewable electricity to address its work by purchasing Renewable Energy certifications (RECs).
  • It has its operations in Australia, where it has achieved 100 percent renewable electricity under its long-term Power Purchase Agreement.
  • It has its amenities in North America, where it purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for some facilities and offices in few nations.
  • Kellogg also has an office in Kashi, Solana, California, where it utilizes on-site solar panels for electricity consumption segments.