OneWeb announces a commercial aviation venture as it prepares for a new satellite launch

Space is no secret the most extensive field that the planet has ever ventured in so far. Why is that? Space experts realize new concepts on the field and innovative new technologies in the sector every day. Since the first space launch over five decades ago, we are still learning, and it seems impossible to exhaust all the facts regarding this sector. Besides, the main issues are the lack of reference material since, unlike details about this planet, space experts have no books to back up what they find out to explain the many tests. However, the sector is exciting and motivates people to look beyond what we can see.

Many companies have ventured into the industry include OneWeb. It is a satellite company founded a while back and is working on commercializing its services which will officially begin in October this year. Recently, the company announced more good news with a report about their moves to aviation networks.

OneWeb has robust backups, including the UK government and Indian Group Bharti Airtel, and has signed up an antenna specialist SatisFy to build a spacecraft terminal. This terminal will come in handy for the low-earth-orbit satellites and the geostationary orbit satellites. In a statement by OneWeb’s VP of mobility, Ben Griffin, we learn that the satellite company is confident in the latest venture it is going to undertake. He explained that the satellite firm is suitable for all aviation purposes, including regional, business, commercial, and government aviation use.

This announcement coincides with the Arianespace, a French Company’s preparations to launch 36 OneWeb satellites. The launch will occur in the early hours of European local time on March 25th, which marks four months after the last OneWeb launch. Arianespace will use the Soyuz rocket lifting off from a Russian space station, Vostochny Cosmodrome, and take these satellites into space. This launch will deliver the second satellite payload since OneWeb recovered from the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy incident.

If things go according to the development team’s plans, the company will have 146 operating satellites, around a quarter of the total satellites it needs. The executive chairman of the company, Sunil, stated that the company would commercially launch covering areas between the North Pole and 50 degrees North

SatisFy will create a flight connectivity terminal alongside Singapore Technology Engineering and work with geostationary and LEO satellites to commercialize the aviation market. Griffin explained that the new venture with SatisFy is a considerable step for OneWeb as they work on promoting onboard connectivity. The UK Space Agency and European Space Agency’s support represent their commitment to encourage innovative companies to make a remarkable difference in the space industry.