Satellite deployment in Egypt at the end of 2021

The Egyptian Space Agency‘s Executive Director stated on Saturday that a set of Egyptian satellites called “Next” will be deployed beginning in December. Mohamed al-Qousy informed Middle East News Agency that, in collaboration with Germany, the very first satellite was going to weigh 65 kilograms for scientific research and remote sensing. In March 2022, a collection of nanosatellites will be deployed in parallel with the Next to track climate change, particularly atmospheric levels of the carbon dioxide as well as gases, Qousy stated.

EgyptSat 2, which weighs 330 kilograms, will be deployed in September 2022 for use in sensor applications with the photographic precision of two meters. In partnership with China, EgyptSat 2 has been planned under an arrangement that involves a grant valued at $45 million, he said. In September 2022, International Space City will officially launch a satellite assembly as well as a research center to be the first hub of its nature in the Arab world. Pure Egyptian satellites are also expected to be developed for construction purposes in Egypt as well as Africa and the scientific research.

Qousy also stated that Egypt would serve as the host nation of the African Space Agency after the ratification of the African Union. There is a proposal to deploy a joint satellite named the African Development Satellite in collaboration with Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, and Nigeria. The African Space Agency’s offices are now being set up in the International Space City at a $10 million cost.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi extended the tenure of Mohammed Afifi El-Quosy, the Chief executive of Egyptian Space Agency, at the conclusion of his first tenure in office. Since the Egyptian Space Agency’s board was established in 2019, El-Quosy became the Chief executive. Via Decree Number. 411/2019, President El-Sisi released the order creating the council. The nomination of Mohamed Afifi El-Quosi as Chief executive was made by Decree No. 410/2019, and the extension of his term was completed by the President’s announcement of Decree No 457/2020. Until the year 2021, El-Quosy will remain to be the CEO of the Agency.

To date, El-Quosy has implemented a variety of cooperation arrangements between Egypt and several countries and organizations, as well as launching several initiatives and projects within the organization. A network of space technology centers across the nation will be built at universities by the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA). This creation was reported via the Agency’s Facebook page by the Agency’s Chief executive, Dr. Mohammed Al-Quosy. The declaration also suggested that the Agency would fund Egyptian universities via the process of developing technology centres on their separate campuses.