Volkswagen Group partners with BP Pulse to deploy ultra-fast EV chargers across Europe

German pioneer automaker Volkswagen Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with the global leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging, Bp Pulse. The agreement will see Bp pulse, formerly Chargemaster, install charging facilities at their retail sites across the United Kingdom, Germany, and other parts of Europe.

The two companies have come together to accelerate the adoption of electrified mobility, and the deal is to be finalized a few months from now. The collaboration will expand the network of charging sites in Europe, providing convenient and high-quality electricity supply at various Bp pulse sites and Aral sites in Germany.

“Enabling the rapid expansion of electric vehicles is core to Bp’s plans to grow our convenience and mobility business and supports our net-zero ambition,” said Emma Delaney, Bp Pulse Vice president, Customer, and products.

“Partnering with Volkswagen Group, one of the great automotive companies, we intend to address a key concern for people considering buying an EV: range anxiety.

This collaboration will solve range anxiety, a major concern to users seeking to shift from diesel and petrol cars to battery-powered vehicles. The expanded network of EV chargers will deliver fast, reliable, and quality charging to ninety percent of consumers in the UK and Germany. BP pulse estimates that users will have access to high-quality charging when this project is done since most Bp sites are twenty minutes away from residential places.

“Together, we can provide drivers in the UK and Europe with the fast, reliable, and convenient charging solutions they need to feel more confident about making the switch. By deploying ultra-fast charging rapidly and at a large scale, we can establish a leading position and help accelerate the take-up of EVs,” added Delaney.

Ultra-fast charging points are crucial in the zero-carbon mission. A charger with an output of 150Kw can charge an EV in ten minutes if it has good battery technology. However, the time used to charge a battery entirely depends on several factors.

This deal will make BP pulse the official charging partner to VW. Bp merged with Chargemaster in 2018 to birth Bp Chargemaster, which was later rebranded to Bp pulse. The company’s ambitions include adding its charging points to 700,000 globally by the end of this decade.

“Ultra-fast charging is a key enabler for e-mobility and, therefore, the main pillar for Volkswagen’s transformation. Together with strong partners like Bp, we take this important matter into our hands and will build up to 18,000 new chargers in Europe,” said VW’s Board member and head of VW’s Components. The deployed chargers will serve not only VW’s customers but also other EV customers.